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Hello everyone! My name is Justin and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Elite Spartans team. Basketball is one of the biggest reasons why I’m in the fitness industry. It was my first love and my bridge to fitness at a young age. Back then, I was not active or athletic, overweight, and injury prone. I had never lifted weights or worked out and my basketball skill set always plateaued. I had a really good shot and basketball IQ but I just wasn’t athletic enough or have the endurance to keep up. It wasn’t the best feeling being the 14th or 15th guy off the bench, and that is what motivated me to be better.



More About Me

My love for the game and motivation to be better carried over to my college years where I played intramural basketball and won 2 leagues! One year, my knee started hurting and the doctor diagnosed it as an ITB strain and told me I could jump back into action just after a few weeks. Over time, I did my best to take it slow and rebuild my knee but after awhile, all I felt was pain and depression due to the fact that I wasn’t getting better. I began working with a trainer to alleviate the pain. I was sore everyday of the week and he truly humbled me by showing me how weak my body was. I learned about so many muscle groups and after sometime I finally decided I was ready to get back out on the basketball court. That first game felt incredible. I was faster, stronger, and could jump way higher than I ever could before and that was probably one of the best days of my life. All that hard training paid off and that opened my eyes to what fitness could do for me, and for other people. I was also inspired by the way he had helped me and that made me want to help other people and their fitness needs.

Elite Spartans is similar to the gym that molded me back home which is why I was so drawn to working here. I love all the energy and community that’s packed in this gym and I can’t wait to meet you all and help you reach your fitness goals through our classes and personal training!