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My name is Paris and I am so excited to be a trainer here at Elite Spartans! 
As many of our clients may know, I started off as a front desk staff member. Then, after an entire year working the front desk position, I have finally transitioned into becoming a personal trainer. My entire life I have always been involved in sports, such as tennis, golf, and basketball. My main sport was volleyball throughout my highschool and college career. 
Two years ago, I started my fitness journey by learning how to weight lift/train through the help of my friends. Eventually, I started to implement my own spin on essential workouts to my daily routine. Once I started the personal trainer internship at Elite Spartans, I learned an entirely different, new training style that influenced me to change the way I view fitness. I wanted to build a new version of myself with the knowledge I have gained. 
Consistently working out with the team and taking all the trainers’ bootcamp and weight lifting classes has inspired me to coach future clients on improving their physical and mental health. I know that if I am able to learn, adapt, and change myself through fitness, I would be able to teach my experiences and knowledge to clients at Elite Spartans. Moving forward, I aspire to change future lives physically and mentally, just as I did for myself.