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Hi everyone! My name is Robert, and I am a trainer here at Elite Spartans. I am excited to train you and apply the knowledge I’ve learned in my studies and through my own fitness journey. When I started working out, I learned so much from a lot of coaches. I want to hone my skills by helping clients of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals. From muscle building to weight loss, I want to be there every step of the way. My goal is to empower all clients both physically and mentally so they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Push yourself and see a better you

More About Me

I grew up with no emphasis on having an active lifestyle. My parents were immigrants and didn’t really provide me a path for any sports or physical activities. They would think it was a waste of time and said I should be more focused on academics. I got good grades, but I was very underweight. When I went to high school, I wanted to try new sports. I joined football, and it was one of the best choices in my life. Even though I wasn’t the best, I was determined to do better. It was the first time I have ever had fun in a sport, and this motivated me to change my lifestyle.

I was not only changing my body, but also my mindset. I set goals that I needed to reach, and each time I completed it, I felt so happy and proud of myself. This is what led me to become a trainer. I want to show that it is never too late to start training. No matter what age it is, working out and staying healthy boosts your energy levels, your mood, and your self-esteem!