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Fun, Effective Gym Classes Led By Elite, Certified Instructors

Whether your intentions are to connect with the same group of people, lose weight, or even gain muscle, our fitness classes are a great educational opportunity to get in shape.

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The Highest-Rated Workout Classes in Silicon Valley

Whether your goal is to train for a marathon, be able to easily lift a certain amount of weight, train for a CrossFit competition, or simply shed off some holiday weight, our goal is to help you get there free of any injuries or complications.

"Pretty awesome crew of coaches and trainers. Super friendly people overall, and they are always willing to instruct and help. I haven't been there long but these are my observations and my first impressions. Definitely would recommend to someone who thrives on instructor led fitness."
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All our fitness trainers understand the challenge of trying to lose weight – many of our trainers have weight loss stories of their own, so, they appreciate how daunting it can be to try and lose weight. They can also offer genuine advice based on personal experiences as well as those of our other clients. If you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past, don’t be put off as our local personal training gym here in San Jose has helped many people just like you reach their weight loss goals and we can do the same for you through a combination of exercise & nutritional advice.

Weight Lifting

Our signature offering for all levels, this HIIT style class increases your cardio endurance and strength through 8 to 12 total body circuits. Command kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX, ropes and more, getting a full body workout in a creative and fun environment.

Small Group Classes

If you want to increase your body definition or if you’re looking to add muscle mass, our specialist trainers at our San Jose gym can help you achieve your goal. Our team has helped many of our clients achieve both of these goals through a combination of strength and cardio training combined with nutritional advice. Come in and visit one of our trainers to get started!

Take the plunge — get motivated, get fit, and become elite.

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