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Frank Zhang



Hey guys, my name is Christine, and I am someone who finds thrill in the process of watching people push their limits and reach their full potential. I like how at Elite Spartans, we’re always pushing  people to give it their all (of course with good form and consideration for individual needs). I also appreciate how community-based Elite Spartans is. I definitely try to remember each face and name, reminding each member that their individual journey matters to me!


More About Me:

To share a little bit more about myself, I initially got into the fitness industry because of two factors that I am passionate about: teaching and motivating. And of course, fitness (my stress reliever) was a pivotal factor. I believe that the greatest investment you can make in yourself is health-based. Be it family, work, or any other area in life, you need to be healthy to thrive!

When I’m not working at the gym, you can find me teaching kids and teens English. 

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