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Hi everyone! My name is Dominic, but you can call me Dom as well! I’m excited to be a trainer on the Elite Spartans team!


Elite Spartans will be the start of my career as a trainer! What drew me to this team was seeing the drive, passion, and effort that the team puts into helping their clients achieve their goals! I love to workout, and I’ve been engaged with sports and other physical activities for nearly my entire life. I look forward to being a positive influence to the community of those that seek to push their limits. I also look forward to building a lot of great relationships with clients and being a representative of the Elite Spartan culture. While I am here to help you push you to achieve your fitness goals and help you work your hardest, I’m all about having fun and making great experiences and memories.


I look forward to being your trainer and motivating you to push through that last rep! 

More About Me

My life journey has always been about sports, I will always love to talk about it! I played basketball and did track & field for all four years of high school, earning opportunities to play for a couple of CIF titles and going to many track invitationals across California. Going into college I ended up choosing to play two years of basketball at a junior college. I then recently transferred over to San Jose State mainly to focus on school as I am working towards my bachelor in Kinesiology.

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