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Hello Everyone! I am Tyler, and look forward to providing you with training services at Elite Spartans.
My Favorite Quote: “Push yourself and see a better you.”
This is my favorite quote because I enjoy giving people the help they need to achieve their fitness goals. I also enjoy making training sessions fun so our clients have a good time throughout that process. From my experience at Elite Spartans, each session, whether a Boot Camp or Weight Training class, provides the best workouts that will keep you on your toes and challenge you. My goal is to see our clients walk out the door satisfied with their workout so they can have a good day, feeling better about themselves and accomplished.


Push yourself and see a better you

More About Me

I started my personal fitness journey at my former job, Outside Services at a Golf Course. A friend of mine and I decided to challenge ourselves and do one hundred pushups a day. My friend failed on the second day, but I found doing all those pushups was fun, and it made me feel good. Fast forward a couple of months, and I started working out at a gym, I had no idea what I was doing until another friend told me to start working out with him. I quickly fell in love with working out. I started to feel more comfortable in the gym, not like the gym was a foreign area where I needed help figuring out what to do. Instead, the gym started to feel like a second home. I want people to take away from my story that having someone who is supporting, teaching you, and cheering you on through your journey can help you form a bond with working out, it can even make you fall in love with the process, instead of having it feel like a chore.