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Hi everyone! I am Michelle, and I am so excited to be joining the Elite Spartans team as a personal trainer! I began my journey with Elite Spartans as a client, and I fell in love with the style of workouts that are offered. This inspired me to want to become a personal trainer, to help people reach their fitness goals the way I have been able to. I also deeply value exercise and the healthy lifestyle that Elite Spartans represents, and this goes back to my lifetime of experiences (both good and bad) in my relationship with my own fitness journey.



More About Me

As a child, I had always been active, outgoing, and “sturdy”. My parents exposed me to many sports and activities and encouraged me to find something I enjoyed. Around middle school, I decided to play tennis and supplement my training with at-home workout videos. In addition, I began to scrutinize what I ate so that I could lose some weight and become happier. Going into high school, I was at a healthy weight, but my mind saw something too “big and bulky.” I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, eating far too little and working out way too much. Dwindling down to 98 pounds (at 5′ 7″), I still thought I was heavy and needed to lose more weight. I was even unhappier than when I had started.

I was able to get back up to a healthy weight, but my relationship with food was horrible until I discovered running. This was an activity that made me mentally stronger, allowed me to explore the Bay Area on foot, and opened up opportunities to challenge myself in ways I never imagined! Needing the right food for recovery and performance, I began to see food as a source of energy (instead of relating it to guilt and shame). I finally loved and respected my body for what it could accomplish! Since then, I have completed more than 30 half marathons and 15 full marathons, including two Boston Marathons.

As much as I love running, I just enjoy any activity that challenges me. When I was introduced to the Elite Spartan Bootcamps by a coworker, I was immediately hooked on the level of intensity, creativity, and fun. It excites me to silence the constant nagging voice that tells me “you can’t” and overcome it with proof that I can! I hope to empower everyone I meet with that same truth. Outside of fitness, I love to travel with my husband Joe. We have a sweet pitbull mix named Rosie, and we hope to be able to adopt more animals in the future. I am also a 4th grade teacher at a private school.

Like I said earlier, I fell in love with the lifestyle that Elite Spartans represents. I have cemented my positive relationship with fitness and I am looking forward to being part of a team that helps so many individuals develop and maintain this same positive relationship with a healthy lifestyle!