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Hi Spartans! My name is Vicky and I am thrilled to be a part of Elite Spartan’s front desk team!

When I first joined Elite Spartans as a member, I was a small business owner trying to balance work, life, and fitness. As many of you can relate, this is difficult but can be done! In fact, Elite Spartans was such a great place to workout I was easily able to make it a priority in my busy life. I played volleyball and ran track throughout middle and high school but to be completely honest, I got lazy, I needed a push and motivation.


My love for this gym and the awesome team has exceeded all of my expectations

More About Me

Elite Spartans has kept me accountable since day one, through the pandemic and to this day. Now it’s my turn to push you, motivate you, and hopefully help you on your fitness journey. Another fun fact is I am part owner of a pet grooming salon in San Jose, Showtime Pet Grooming (come visit with your fur babies!). My love for this gym and the awesome team has exceeded all of my expectations. I started out at Elite Spartans as a client taking classes and I am still regularly taking these amazing classes today. Now I’m a part of this amazing team and I couldn’t be happier! Hope to see you in class and I can’t wait to meet you! (:

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